Stunning Satin Sequin Corset, Open Back Formal Dress w/Ruched Mermaid Slit. Red & Orange

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This ravishing satin mermaid gala dress is the ideal way to create a striking impression at your next formal event. The strapless silhouette and encrusted glint on the bodice is sure to seize the attention of all who witness it, while the ruched waist and seductive leg slit bestow you with the assurance you need to radiate. Bearing two brilliant colors- neon orange and vivacious red- it's the ideal selection for a night out with companions or a school dance, and will have all marveling at your magnificent attire! Satin, a smooth fabric crafted from silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers, is regarded as one of the most esteemed fabrics on earth due to its velvety texture and gloss when polished correctly, as well as its superior resilience to cotton and polyester- making it the perfect selection for items of clothing like this dress, where both comfort and appearance are of paramount importance.

Model number: CDCD283