Chiffon long sleeve elegant bridal dress

$159.50 USD


An ethereal chiffon dress is endowed with an air of dreamy allure, featuring an a-line layered skirt that is accorded at the waist and sheer long sleeves that gracefully drape the arms up to the deep v-neckline bodice and artfully ruched waistband. The back shows a mid-opening which provides concealment for a bra strap.

Dress Specifications:

  • Length: Long
  • Neckline: V-neckline
  • Sleeve: Long sheer sleeves 
  • Back: Open V-back
  • Silhouette: A-line
  • Print: No print
  • Category: Wedding dresses
  • Color: Off-white
  • Occasions: Wedding, Anniversary
  • Season: Any season
  • Model number: CDCD0192W

What color does this chiffon long sleeve elegant bridal dress have?

It has an off-white color, which represents purity, innocence, and tradition, making it a popular choice for wedding dresses. 

Where can I wear this dress?

While a Chiffon long sleeve bridal dress is traditionally associated with weddings, there are other occasions and events where you could wear such a dress, depending on the style and formality of the dress. For example, a gala, engagement party, or anniversary celebration

How do I wash this dress?

You can hand-wash your dress with cool water, using a gentle detergent like Woolite or Baby shampoo. Never use hot water or soap that has perfume in it—that will make your dress smell like a flower garden and could cause damage. After washing, rinse thoroughly with cool water and hang to dry; don't put it in the dryer because that can cause shrinkage!

Storage and care:

  1. Hang the dress: Hanging the dress is the best way to store it. Using a padded hanger will prevent any damage or stretching to the delicate fabric. Store your dress in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  2. Cover the dress: Cover your dress with a breathable garment bag to protect it from dust, dirt, and pests. Avoid using plastic or airtight bags as they can cause the dress to retain moisture, leading to mold and mildew growth.
  3. Avoid folding: Folding the dress can create hard-to-get-out creases. If you don't have enough space to hang the dress, drape it over a chair or bed, making sure it's not touching other items that could cause damage.
  4. Avoid crushing: When transporting the dress, make sure it's not crushed or packed tightly with other items. Use a garment bag or wrap it in tissue paper to protect the fabric.
By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your floral applique wedding gown stays in perfect condition when not in use.
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