Mermaid off shoulder wedding dress

$218.00 USD

Leaf lace embroidered fitted with plunging deep V neckline prom gown. Experience the elegance and sophistication of the embroidered deep V neckline wedding gown, a timelessly modern design perfect for making an unforgettable impression. Stunning leaf lace embroidery adorns the fitted shape and plunging deep V neckline of this exquisite prom gown. Make any celebration truly special in this exquisite piece.

What color does this off the shoulder bridal gown have?

The color of this mermaid off shoulder wedding dress is off-white. It's a beautiful color that makes you feel like you're glowing, and it will look stunning with your complexion.

Where can I wear this dress?

The mermaid off shoulder wedding dress is a perfect choice for a bridal dress. It's beautiful, elegant, and comfortable. The off-the-shoulder style adds a touch of romance to the gown, while still feeling modern and stylish. This style works well with most hairstyles, so you can be sure that your wedding day look will be gorgeous no matter how you choose to wear it!

Washing satin off the shoulder bridal gown

1. Fill a sink or tub with warm water and add the detergent or soap. Make sure the water is not hot (30-40 degree).

2. Gently add your gown to the water and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. If you have time, let it soak overnight.

3. Remove your gown from the water and rinse thoroughly with clean water until no suds remain on its surface. If you have an old toothbrush handy, you can use it to gently scrub away any dirt that remains on your garment's surface after rinsing off all the suds from step 2 above; this is especially helpful if there are any stains left behind from previous wearings (such as makeup or food stains).

Storage and care conditions

To keep your off-the-shoulder bridal gown looking its best, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place. If you have to store it in a warm place, make sure it is not near direct sunlight and that you check on it regularly to make sure it is not becoming wrinkled.

When moving your dress, be careful not to drag it across the floor or damage any parts of the dress.

Dress Specifications:

  • Length: Long
  • Neckline: Sweetheart
  • Embellishments: Sequins, embroidery
  • Sleeve: off shoulder
  • Back: Corset
  • Print: no print
  • Category: Wedding Dresses
  • Occasions: Wedding, Anniversary
  • Season: Any season
  • Model number:JT290W
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