Hi there, my little fashionistas! Being a proud member of the “fun-sized” club, I know too well the struggle of trying to find the perfect wedding dress when you’re lucky with a petite frame. However, do not worry – I am here to spill all the secrets on how to find a bridal dress that will make you look and feel like a queen on your wedding day!

Why You Can’t Compromise On Finding The Ideal Petite Wedding Dress

Finding The Ideal Petite Wedding Dress

Ladies, time to face the facts and stop dreaming. Your wedding day ranks among one of the most significant days you will have. This is the day you have been waiting for ever since you were a little girl and you are entitled to looking like an absolute queen from top to bottom, making wedding dress shopping pivotal for your big day. However, for us small women, it’s practically impossible to find a dress – a bride dress, a dress of a dreams – because we have poor choice.

But this is what – to go home with a dress that does not fit well or does not make you look like a million bucks is definitely not an alternative. You want to think about the man of your dreams standing at the other end of that aisle, not yanking at a bodice that’s too big or stepping on a hemline that’s too long.

Therefore, a petite wedding dress that meets all the requirements is a must-find. The perfect dress will:

  • Cling to your lines in all the right places.
  • Spotlight all your virtues.
  • Give an impression of the longer legs and a taller figure.
  • Restore you confidence, make you look graceful, and seem invincible.

The Main Characteristics All Petite Brides Need

Main Characteristics All Petite Brides Need

So, now that we’ve discussed why a petite bridal gown is so important, let's jump into the details of what you should look for during your wedding dress shopping. Here are the key features every petite bride needs to keep an eye out for:Here are the key features every petite bride needs to keep an eye out for:

Feature Why It Works
Fitted Bodice A well-fitted bodice will cinch in at your waist, creating a gorgeous hourglass silhouette that's universally flattering. Look for styles with built-in corsetry or boning for extra support and structure.
Shorter Hemline Midi or tea-length dresses are a petite bride's best friend. They'll show off your legs and create the illusion of height, while still giving you that bridal feel.
Vertical Details Dresses with vertical details like beading, lace appliques, or seaming can elongate your frame and draw the eye upward. Avoid horizontal details that can cut you off and make you appear shorter, to give the illusion of height.
Neckline The right neckline can work wonders for a petite bride. Look for styles like a plunging V-neck or a high halter neckline that will elongate your neck and create the illusion of height.
Waistline An empire or natural waistline can be incredibly flattering on petite figures. They'll define your waist and create a longer, leaner silhouette. Avoid drop waists or ball gowns that can overwhelm a smaller frame.

Your Petite Wedding Dress Styling to Perfection

Petite Wedding Dress Styling
Having found the ideal petite wedding dress, it’s time to discuss how to style it to the absolute perfection. Here are my top tips:Here are my top tips:
  1. Nail the Fit: I cannot emphasize this point enough – the fit of your dress is everything. Ensure that you can afford the alterations and you work with a highly skilled seamstress that has experience in working with petite brides. They will be able to stitch, sew and hem away your dress to a tee, for a flawless fit from all angles.
  2. Choose the Right Shoes: Proper shoes can change everything for your legs elongating and make you look stunning. Choose a pair of neutral coloured high heels that will match perfectly with your dress. In addition, a sharp pointed end can do this. But be sure to wear them in first and bring along a spare pair of flats to the reception!
  3. Keep Accessories Simple: For petit brides, the rule less is more should be applied when it comes to accessories. Choose dainty, unobtrusive pieces that wouldn’t overpower your figure. A plain set of drop earrings or slim bracelet will help you to achieve just the right amount of shine without being too much.
  4. Consider Your Hairstyle: The way your hair is cut will also influence how tall and slim you look. Think of an updo or a half up, half down style that will also pull the attention up and give the impression of height. When you have your hair worn down, do not forget to create volume at the crown for a bit of extra kick.

Styles of Wedding Dresses Suitable for Petite Brides

Styles of Wedding Dresses Suitable for Petite Brides

Alright, let's talk specifics about wedding dress shopping for petites. Here are some wedding dress styles that are particularly well-suited for petite brides:Here are some wedding dress styles that are particularly well-suited for petite brides:
  • Sheath Dresses: Sheath dresses are sleek, simple, and oh-so-chic, and they are the perfect choice for the petite bride. They will embrace you in all the right places and produce a long, lean line. Look for stretch styles to provide more comfort and freedom of movement.
  • A-Line Dresses: An A-line silhouette is a perfect choice if you need a dress with a touch of drama. The bodices of these dresses are tailored and they gracefully billow out from the waist, forming an A-line silhouette that accentuates the petite figure. Observe high-waistline styles to add length to your silhouette.
  • Fit and Flare Dresses: For curvaceous brides, a fit and flare dress is the perfect choice. While these dresses will fit directly through the bodice and hips and then fan out drastically at the skirt, giving you a perfect hourglass figure. Just ensure that the flare is too much on your small frame.
  • Tea-Length Dresses: For petite brides, tea-length dresses are playful and flirty, making them a chic choice for petites. They usually hit at mid-calf, which is an ideal length to accentuate your legs and give an illusion of height. Moreover, they are ideal for dancing as well as spinning!

How About Petite Wedding Guest Dresses?

Petite Wedding Guest Dresses

And you beautiful tiny girls, who come to weddings as guests! A petite guest dress for a wedding may be just as tricky to locate as a bridal gown.

Here are some styles to consider:

  • Wrap Dresses: Wrap dresses are good for any body type and can be worn with different accessories that make it appropriate for any kind of wedding. Search for styles that have a tie at the waist, in order to make you even tighter and give you a beautiful silhouette.
  • Midi Dresses: A little girl’s best companion is a midi dress. They will lengthen your silhouette and expose your legs although with a lot of class and elegancy that is necessary for a wedding. Find styles, in which the bodice is fitted and the skirt is loose, to have a bit more flexibility.
  • Jumpsuits: There, you have it – jumpsuits can look amazing on petite wedding guests! Choose styles with a close-fitted bodice and wide-leg pant to achieve an extended, slim figure. In addition, you will be spared any problems of the mishaps with your garment while swinging your body on the dancing floor.

Guide to Finding Petite Dresses for Wedding: Frequently asked questions

Finding Petite Dresses for Wedding

What size can be categorized as petite for wedding dresses?

The petite sizes usually come in sizes 0P to 14P for women who are 5'4' and below. These dresses provide shorter lengths and proportionate cuts to complement a petite figure.

What is the way to find the best petite wedding dress for my figure?

If you are petite looking for the right wedding dress, stick to the styles that make you longer in height and emphasize your best sides. Petite brides will look best in A-line, sheath, and fit and flare dresses as these styles provide balance and proportion.

Which dress styles are best suitable for short brides?

Petite brides can appear beautiful in a wide array of dress styles, such as tea-length, knee-length, or midi dresses. Short lengths help one to get the impression of long legs and a higher structure. Fitted bodices, high necklines, as well as vertical features may make the body longer.

Do short brides look good in long wedding gowns?

Yes! Finding the perfect dress for wedding season is essential. Slim brides can be fabulous in long wedding gowns, with a well- fitted and proportionate outfit. Seek dresses with a sharp waistline, vertical seaming or a little A-line silhouette to give the impression of stretch. Right adjustments are needed to get the perfect fit.

What are the best necklines that will look good on petite wedding dresses?

Petite brides look particularly flattering in V-necklines, sweetheart necklines, and off-the-shoulder styles. Necklines of this nature serve to give a visual lengthening of the neck and moves the eye upward, which in turn give an elongating effect to the silhouette of the wearer. Steer clear of high necklines that can give the impression of an even shorter person.

How can I make it look like I have longer legs with my wedding dress?

Choose short hemline dresses such as tea-length and midi dresses to produce the illusion of longer legs. High-low hemlines also have a leg-lengthening effect. Choose shoes of a neutral colour that matches with your skin tone, creating an unbroken vertical line.

What are the key points when looking for petite wedding dresses?

In choosing a petite bridal gown, fit and proportion should be given preference. Find dresses in a shorter torso length, narrower shoulder, and smaller arm opening. Observe the dress as a whole and see to it that the ornaments and details are proportionate to your petite body.

Do there exist bridal collections for petite women?

Certainly, many bridal designers present petite-specific collections or size ranges. These sets are designed for the small-boned bride, providing smaller-sized dresses and fitted styles. Some petite bridal lines are BHLDN, David’s Bridal, and Amsale.


How can I achieve the perfect wedding gown for my petiteplus size body?

Tiny large-sized brides should choose dresses that accentuate, rather than highlight, their curves and make a perfect silhouette. Relative waist lines A-line dresses or ruching details can be very attractive. Concentrate on gowns with strong waistlines and supportive bodices to ensure comfort and confidence.

Which fabrics are the most suitable for petite wedding dresses?

The material for petit brides is chiffon, gegeorgette, and organza to create the lightweight charming look. They also drape wonderfully and are perfect for petite women as they do not make them look even thinner. Do not choose heavy or voluminous materials.

Can a short bride wear a ball gown?

Ball gowns are not that good for petite brides but still if the proportions are right it is possible. Consider ball gowns with a close-fitting bodice, a pronounced waistline, and a skirt that flares out gently. Do not go in for oversized volume or heavy layers that can overwhelm your small frame.

What are some good accessories for the petite wedding dresses?

accessories for the petite wedding dresses
Accessories in a proportion that matches the petite wedding dress should be considered. Small pieces of jewelry, like a slender necklace or tiny earrings, will provide a sparkle to your appearance without overdoing it. Stay away from big or bulky accessories which may take attention away from the overall proportions.

Which pair of shoes should I purchase for my small wedding dress?

The right shoes can improve your petite bride look. Choose heels of a good height that is convenient for walking and dancing. Pointy or peep-toe design make legs longer. Opt for neutral colors that become a part of your skin for a long-legged effect.

Do I need to order a petite wedding dress?

Tailored dresses are also ideal for petite brides who cannot find the perfect fit in an off-the-rack design. A talented dressmaker or an accomplished designer can make a dress customized considering your measurements and shape, thus achieving a perfect fit in any inch of the body.

What factors should I consider when selecting a veil for my small wedding dress?

One must take into account how elegance, the style of ones gown and the proportions of ones body, are all important when choosing a veil. Brides who are relatively short find birdcage and shoulder length veils the most complementing. Steer clear of very long or voluminous veils that can swallow up your little body.

Is it possible to make my silhouette longer with a petite wedding dress?

To lengthen your figure, pick dresses with vertical features such as seaming, pleats, or lace patterns. These elements bring the eye upwards and give the impression of elongation. Choose dresses with a defined waist and a small A-line skirt to ensure a harmonious and proportional silhouette.

Is it possible for petite brides to have sleeves on their wedding dresses?

Of course! Dresses with sleeves can make petite brides look stunning and are a chic choice for petite. Opt for cap sleeves, flutter sleeves, or sheer long sleeves, over all, for a harmonious and balanced effect. Steer clear of overly bulky or puffy sleeves that might drown your small frame.

What should I consider when selecting a petite beach wedding gown?

petite beach wedding gown
To choose a petite beach wedding dress, choose dresses made of such lightweight, breathable fabrics as chiffon, lace, or blended cotton. Look at the short hemlines or high-low silhouettes that allow for easy walking on the sand. Do not wear heavy or tight fabrics as they can be a burden in the heat.

Where to buy a winter petite wedding dress?

A winter wedding gives petite brides the opportunity to look stunning in long-sleeved dresses, illusion necklines, or dresses with a fur or faux fur wrap, an excellent choice for petite wedding guests seeking elegance. Go for heavier materials like satin, velvet, brocade for extra warmth. Make sure the dress fits you well and is proportionate to you petite shape.

Is it possible for a petite bride to put on a jumpsuit?

Indeed, petite brides can look stylish and contemporary in a bridal jumpsuit. Opt for jumpsuits that come with a fitted bodice, a clear waistline, and straight or a little flared leg for a chic wedding guest attire option for petites. Go for vertical features or a belted waist which will make your shape look longer. Make sure that the length is proportioned to your slight figure.

What things should I take into consideration when picking a petite wedding gown for an outdoor wedding?

When choosing a dress for an outdoor wedding, think about the place, the weather, and the ground. Choose fabrics that are light in weight and breathable which provide freedom of movement. Look for short dresses or dresses that have a subtle train to allow you to walk on grass and uneven surfaces.

Where can I get a small wedding dress at an affordable price?

When looking for a petite wedding dress on a budget, sample sales, consignment shops, or online retailers that provide petite sizes may be a good option. Choose dresses with plain silhouettes and fewer embellishments, for these types are normally cheaper. Remember to include the price of alterations when budgeting.

What should I know when selecting a petit wedding dress for a summer wedding?

Petite brides who plan a wedding in the summer should choose a gown from the lightweight and breathable fabrics such as chiffon, lace, or organza, making these dresses perfect for a petite wedding guest attire as well. Think of dresses in shorter hemlines, open backs, or cap sleeves for more convenience in the heat. Do not wear heavy or multi-layered dresses that may become uncomfortable in hot weather.

Can mermaid or trumpet style wedding dresses be worn by brides of miniscule stature?

Although mermaid and trumpet-style dresses can be difficult for petite brides, they can still wear them if the proportions are right. Choose dresses with a body hugging bodice and a skirt that gently flares out from the knee or mid-thigh. Make sure that the dress is tight enough to accentuate your natural curves but that it does not overpower your petite frame.

What to look for when selecting a petite wedding dress for a destination wedding?

The location, climate, and cultural norms need to be taken into account when choosing a dress for a destination wedding. Choose lightweight and travel packable materials. Think about dresses that have removable layers or convertible styles that can change from one setting to another or temperature.

Where can I find a short sleeved wedding gown?

The majority of bridal designers provide petite wedding dresses that come in many sleeve styles including cap, flutter, and long sleeves. Choose dress with the see through or lacy sleeves for the romantic look and allure. Make certain the sleeves are in proportion to your short stature and do not drown the figure.

Is it necessary to be tall to wear a high-low wedding dress?

Indeed, high-low wedding dresses are also a good option for petite brides. The shorter front hemline creates the illusion of long legs, and the longer back gives a fabulous train effect. Seek high-low dresses with a well-fitting bodice and a clearly defined waistline in order to create harmony in your proportion.

What are the things I need to consider in selecting the petite bridal dress for the formal wedding?

Regarding a formal wedding, small brides can wear refined and graceful silhouettes such as A-line or sheath dresses. Seek dresses made of opulent fabrics such as silk or satin, and delicate details such as beading or lace. The dress should be a good fit and promote you natural shape.

What is the way to buy a train petite wedding dress?

A train can look gorgeous on a petite bride as long as the dress has the right proportions. Choose dresses with a smaller front hem, and a slight train, that will not dominate your small figure. Think about a detachable train that can be taken off for easier movement during the reception.

Are two-piece wedding dress suitable for petite brides?

Certainly, little size brides may be stylish and contemporary in a two-piece bridal gown. Go for a midriff top with a flattering bodice and a high-waist skirt to make the legs look longer. Balance the proportions and that the whole appearance is coherence.

What should I keep in mind when picking out a petite wedding gown for a wedding inspired by vintage?

For a vintage style wedding, petite brides should consider gowns with designs from the 1920s to the 1950s. Dresses with delicate lace, beading, or embroidery are what you should look for that would reflect the era. See if the dress is well portioned and fitting which would complement your petite figure.

How do I get a petite low-back wedding gown?

Short brides will be absolutely stunning in dresses with a low back, as it makes an effect of elongation. Search for gowns with an bodice and a gentle back dip that does not reveal too much skin. Make sure that the dress is comfortable and supportive for all day wear.

Is a tea-length wedding dress suitable for petite brides?

Indeed, tea-length wedding gowns are wonderful options for small brides. The shorter hemline allows to make the legs look longer and well proportioned. Choose dresses with a tight bodice and a flouncy skirt for a classic and slimming appearance.


What to think about when selecting a petite wedding dress for a rustic or bohemian wedding?

petite wedding dress for a rustic or bohemian wedding

A rustic or bohemian wedding dress calls for a petite bride to choose a gown made out of flowy fabric, lace details, or delicate floral pattern. Search for relaxed silhouette dresses that emphasize the waistline to maintain a balance of your proportions. Do not choose extremely voluminous or heavy dresses that may swallow your small frame.

Where am I going to get a small bridal gown with a deep neck?

Brides of short stature look fabulous in gowns with a plunging neckline since it stretches the neck and takes the attention upward. Search for dresses with a tight bodice and a mild plunge in the neckline that does not reveal much cleavage. Guarantee that the dress is well-supported and comfortable to wear all day long.

Is a fitted skirt wedding dress suitable for short brides?

Indeed, petite brides can appear very smooth and elegant in a fitted skirt wedding dress. Choose dresses with a fitted bodice and a body skimming skirt. Make sure that the dress is properly tailored and accentuates your natural curves.

What are some of the things to look at when selecting shoes for my small wedding dress?

When you choose shoes for your petite wedding dress, take into account the general proportions and style of your dress. Choose heels with heels that are of a manageable height that lengthen your legs but keep you comfortable. Opt for pointed-toe or open-toed styles that will give a sleek appearance.

Where can I get a square-neck top small weeding gown?

A square neckline dress would make petite brides elegant and classic. Search for gowns featuring the bodice that fits and neckline that rests lightly on the shoulders. Check that the neckline is in line with your petite figure and does not overpower your upper body.

Can a short bride have a wedding dress with a high neckline?

Even though high necklines can be tricky for petite brides, it can still work if they have the right proportions. Choose dresses that have a sheer or illusion neckline which provides a widening effect. Make certain that the neckline is proportional to the entire dress.


What should be considered when choosing a petite wedding dress for a city hall wedding?

For city hall wedding, shorter brides can go for a simple and elegant styles such as a tailored sheath dress or a vintage-inspired tea-length dress. Find dresses that are simple, with no additional decorations and that could be easily worn for the ceremony and a dinner or reception.

How do I locate a keyhole back petite wedding dress?

Keyhole back is another way of petite brides to add extra charm and mystery in the attire. Search for dresses that have a tight bodice and a small, delicate cutout at the back that does not necessarily reveal a lot of skin. Make sure that the dress is adequately-supported and convenient to wear justifiably through the day.

Is it possible for a petite bride to wear a wedding dress with a full skirt?

Even though large skirts can pose a problem for petite brides, they can be worn if the proper proportions are made. Go for gowns that have a bodice that fits well and a skirt that gently flares out from the waist. Keep volumes balanced and not to envelop your small frame to give the illusion of a taller silhouette.

How do I choose a petite wedding dress for a black-tie wedding?

Black-tie wedding will provide petite brides with a chance to choose such luxury and sophisticated styles as a sleek sheath or a classic ball gown. Choose gowns that feature sumptuous fabrics like silk, satin, or crepe and pretty embellishments like beading or lace to find the perfect dress. Make sure that the dress is tight and flatters your figure.

Where can I get an elegant long sleeved petite wedding dress?

A bride with a slim figure should opt for a long-sleeved gown to obtain elegance and timelessness. Find dresses with fitted sleeves, which make arms seem longer without more volume. Think about sheer or lace sleeves to gain romantic and easy-weighted style. Make sure the sleeves are for your petite frame and don’t make your upper body to appear bigger.

Is a high-slit wedding dress appropriate for petite brides?

Certainly, petite brides can add drama and elegance with a high slit dress. Search for gowns with a body-hugging style and a slit to the middle of the thigh or knee. Make sure that the slit is in harmony with the general proportions of the dress and does not show too much leg to give the illusion of length.

What are the tips for picking a petite wedding gown for a garden wedding?

Garden wedding will be suitable for petite brides and they could choose a romantic and dreamy style, for example, an A-line dress with floral appliques or a light flowy chiffon gown. Find gowns that have subtle features and soft pastel hues that are in harmony with the native environment. Make sure that the dress is in such a way that one can move easily, either on grass or uneven surfaces.

Where can I get a small size wedding dress with a halter neckline?

A dress with a halter neckline suits petite brides as it creates an illusion of length for the neck and shoulders. Seek dresses that have a fitted bodice and feature a necktie or clasp at the back of the neckline. Make sure that the neckline is in proportion with the tiny frame so that it does not overpower the upper body.

Is the dress with the dramatic train suitable for petite brides?

Although the dramatic trains can be hard for the small brides, they are still possible to wear as long as they are adjusted with the right dimensions. Go for gowns with a close fitting silhouette and a train that emerges from the full back skirt. Think about a detachable train that will be taken off for better movement during the reception.

What are the factors to be considered while selecting a petite wedding dress for a winter wedding?

petite wedding dress for a winter wedding

For the winter wedding, the small brides can choose warmly stylish models such as a dress from lace with long sleeves or a dress from satin with the faux fur cloak. Seek for dresses made from heavier fabrics with warm and cozy details that do not add volume. Make sure the dress is snug fitting and shows off your natural body shape.

Where do I look for an ideal dress for my personality and body size?

Begin your search for the petite wedding dress that complements your fashion sense by collecting ideas from bridal magazines, websites, and social media. Think about what you enjoy in fashion, e.g. necklines, fabrics, and silhouettes and find dresses with those details. Experiment with different styles to find the one that suits your petite body and makes you look and feel good. Trust your gut and go for the dress that makes you, you.

What are the factors to consider when selecting a petite wedding guest dress for a spring or summer wedding?

Chiffon, lace, or cotton blend dresses are perfect for petite guests at a spring or summer wedding, aligning with wedding guest attire choices. Search for flowery skirted dresses, soft floral patterns, or pastel hues that represent the season. Make sure that the dress is light and airy for the hot weather.

Where can I find petite dress to wear to a formal or a black-tie wedding as a guest?

If a wedding is formal or black-tie then short built kind of guests may choose elegant and stylish styles such as a sleek cocktail dress or a floor-length gown. Choose dresses made of rich materials, like silk, satin or velvet, and sophisticated accents like beadwork or lace. Make sure the dress is a good fit and flatters your natural shape.

Can a petite wedding guest wear a maxi dress?

Certainly, a maxi dress would look fabulous on petite wedding guests as long as the proportions are right. Choose dresses with a fitted bodice and a skirt that closely hugs your tiny body such that the skirt does not overwhelm your petite frame. Choose dresses with a raised waistline or a shorter front hemline to create the illusion of longer legs.

What are the things that should be considered when selecting a petite wedding guest dress for a fall or winter wedding?

If the wedding is going to be held during the fall or winter, petite guests can wear dresses in beautiful jeweled colors or in traditional neutrals such as navy or burgundy. Find dresses in long sleeves, heavier fabrics, or elegant elements – velvet and metallic touches. Make sure the dress is warm and cozy for cooler conditions.

What is the way to look for a petite wedding guest dress with sleeves?

To petites, sleeves make a dress stylish and elegant. Seek for dresses with fitted or sheer sleeves that will make the arms appear longer and not bulky. Think of three-quarter, elbow, or cap sleeves for a stylish and versatile appearance.

Can the small wedding visitors be in jumpsuits?

Certainly, modern, stylish looks to petite wedding attendees are provided by a jumpsuit. Choose jumpsuits with a tailored bodice and a straight or a little flared leg that makes the silhouette longer. Choose jumpsuits in classy materials such as silk or crepe, and give them a lift with heels and bold accessories.

What aspects should I take into account when selecting a pair of shoes to this petite wedding guest dress?

Choose shoes for petite wedding guest dress with respect to the proportions and your ensemble style. Choose heels of a moderate height that make the legs appear longer without losing stability. Opt for pointed-toe or peep-toe designs that provide a sleek effect and select colours that will either complement or match your dress, a crucial tip during wedding dress shopping to give the illusion of longer legs.

What is the way to get an affordable petite wedding guest dress?

A petite guest dress on a budget can be found from department stores, online vendors, or even a consignment shop with petite sized garments. Seek dresses of simple silhouette and minimal details as they often have lower price. Remember to accessorize with statement jewelry or a daring clutch to take the outfit to the next level.

Is it appropriate for small wedding feast guests to wear a knee-length dress?

Indeed, petite wedding guests can look stylish and graceful in a knee length dress. Select dresses with a fit bodice and a skirt that is slightly above or below the knee. Search for sundresses, which have interesting details, such as a special neckline or a fabric with texture, that will help to make the shorter silhouette visually appealing.

What considerations do I need to make when looking for a petite wedding guest dress for an outside or destination wedding?

In this case, petite guests should consider where the wedding will be, the climate, and the dress code. Choose dresses made of light and airy materials that are light to carry and to wear in hot weather. Look at dresses that have flowy skirts, open backs, and shorter hemlines for ease of movement and comfort. 

Wedding Dress for Petite girls


So, dearies, this is it – the complete guide on how to pick that perfect wedding dress or the right guest dress for your petite figure. Do not forget that the acceptance of your petite body is just the matter of right style, style that will highlight your advantages and make you feel like a queen.

Whether you are the one who walks down the aisle or just sip champagne as a guest, there is a perfect dress out there waiting for you. Do not accept anything other than absolute perfection – you deserve to look and feel fantastic from the tip of your head to your toe.

And now my little fashionistas, go buy! And also, spin a bit more for me on this dance floor.